Characteristics of Free and Paid Websites:

By reading this article you know about the resemblance of free and paid website. Hosting of free web simply does not go to dissipate. It has some benefits which are discuss below:

  1. If you first time going to start an online business, free website allow you whether you should continue or not with paid.
  2. You can take good start from free web hosting for those who do not have command and are not professional for making their website
  3. If you cannot bear web hosting then certainly you began your profession by constructing free website
  4. Free website will give profit if bandwidth need by your website is less

By reading following points you come to know that how a paid website is better than free one and what is the drawback of free website:

  1. You cannot get your name with your participant in the market if the space is less
  2. Free website service also provides you the domain name not independent game with amalgamation. You does not give good impression to your guest. Your guest think that you newly established your business and not expert in your career like your opponent
  3. Speed of your transferring data is not as high as contrast to paid website holders. Due to lesser transmission rate the video, photo or audio file you upload on your website take too much time
  4. On a free website the user defined scripts cannot be run
  5. The technical assistance is only give to the paid website
  6. Volume of sales will be comparatively lower if you have a free website of a shopping store. If your website provide a better quality and is paid then the number of scales increases
  7. For a limited time some of characteristics provided free of cost by the company. When the time end then you cannot use these characteristics
  8. You cannot transfer the “.htaccess” file if you convert to pay one and your website was free earlier. This file is used to redirect your website to new link and then add the command so that the search engine redirects your visitor to new URL. This is known as “301 Permanent Redirect”
  9. Custom error page is known as 404 errors and for free websites it is not available. If your website is open by your customer and it show error but message does not visible that that “Web Page is not available” or “Web page is not found”. There is some particular error which is only visible to paid website user
  10. The company certainly posts its advertisement on your website and it is not obligatory that advertisement support customer’s need and requirements
  11. You cannot own the template for free website. Paid website gives you lifelong profit and is one time investment.