Explain JavaScript and also describe that how to create a website in JavaScript?

As we know that JavaScript is a programming language which permits the user to make features on their website. But first know that what is JavaScript?

And how JavaScript introduced?

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JavaScript is a language which can be used by professionals and beginners in developing and designing websites.

There is no need of compilation because language works on the client side, the browsers they are responsible for translating these codes.
There are many ambiguous Java with JavaScript but there are also two languages which are not similar and both have their different attributes.

JavaScript has the advantage of being embedded in any web page, can be executed without the need to install another program to be displayed.

Java for its part has as its main feature being a platform independent language. You can make any kind of program which can be run on any computer in the market like Linux, Windows, Apple, etc. Due to its attributes, it is also widely used for internet.

As a summary it can be said that Javascript is an interpreted language based on prototypes, while Java is a language more object oriented.
Javascript is a language with many possibilities, used to create small programs that are then inserted into a web page and in larger programs, aimed at more complex objects.

With Javascript you can make different effects and interact with our users.
This language has several features; among them we can mention a share-based language that has fewer restrictions. Furthermore, it is a language that uses Windows and X-Windows systems, much of the programming in this language focuses on describing objects, write functions that respond to mouse movements, openings, use of keys, page loads and more.
It should be stressed that there are two types of JavaScript: on one side is running on the client, this is the actual Javascript, though technically called Navigator JavaScript. But there is a Javascript that runs on the server is more recent and is called Livewire JavaScript.

From where can I see the JavaScript as running condition?
There are many services among the other services which are made with JavaScript in Internet as follows:
• Mail
• Chat
• Information Seekers

We can also search or create code to insert into the page as:
• Watch
• Hit Counters
• Dates
• Calculators
• Validating Forms
• Detectors browsers and languages
How we can identify JavaScript code?
The JavaScript code can find it in labels <body> </ body> of your web pages. Usually inserted between: <script> </ script>. They can also be located in external files using:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”micodigo.js”> </ script>
There are other language features which are:
Their syntax is similar to that used in Java and C, being a client side language that is translated by the browser. There is no requirement to install Framework.
• Variables: var = “Hello”, n = 103
• Condition: if (i <10) {…}
• Cycles: for (i, i <10; i + +) {…}
• Arrangements: var myArray = new Array (“12”, “77”, “5”)
• Functions: Ppopias language and predefined by users
• Comments for one line: / / Comments
• Comments for several lines: / * Comments * /

  • Allows OOP: document.write (“Hello”);
    • Variables can be defined as: string, integer, float, Boolean simply using ” var “. We can use “+ “to concatenate strings and variables.

Is Javascript compatible with browsers?
Javascript is supported by most browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, among others.
With the emergence of languages like PHP server-side and client-side Javascript, emerged Ajax in acronym (Asynchronous Javascript And XML). It is a technique for creating interactive web applications. This language combines several technologies:
• Style Sheets HTML and CSS to create styles.
• ECMAScript implementations. It is one of which is the Javascript language.
• XMLHttpRequest is one of the most important features included, which allows exchanging data asynchronously with the web server may be using PHP, ASP, and others.

We should note that although Javascript is supported in a lot of browsers our users can choose to enable / disable Javascript in them.