Explain that how we can protect your business web site

The Web sites of companies can be abrilliantdevice for extending e-commerce and promote sales. While, with enhancing this trade, the greater the risk that others may copy the look and feel of your company website, some elements or content.

It also extends the risk that the companies are accused of illegal use of the academic property assets of third parties.

In this article, there are some of the basic issues to be taken into account before creating a Web site is discussed.
Tell that what contents of the Web site can be protected?

You can protect many elements of Web site companies with intellectual property (IP). For example:
The e-commerce systems, search engines and other Internet tools techniques may be protected by patent or utility model. Software, including HTML code of text used on the websites may be protected by copyright and patent, as prescribed by national legislation. Web site design is probably given to protecting copyright. Content creative website, for example, text, photographs, graphics, music and videos, may be protected by copyright.

Tell that how to protect your business website

  1. Protecting IPR

If from the moment your company does not develop appropriate measures to protect their IP strategies, you risk losing all rights therein. Therefore, you must:

• Register their trademarks.

• Register a domain name that is easy to use and is representative of your brand or business name, or the nature of your business. If the domain name can also be registered as a trade mark, it is desirable to do so, since this way your company can more adequately enforce their rights against those who attempt to use the name to market similar products and services, and prevent others from registering the same name as mark.

• Consider patenting business methods used on the Internet in countries where such protection is contemplated.

  • Register your Web site and protected by copyright in the copyright office of the countries in which this option is expected elements.
  • Precautions concerning the disclosure of its trade secrets. Ensure that all holders of confidential information type


Employees, contractors, maintenance companies, companies that deal with the central system, the Internet service providers) to sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • Consider taking out an insurance policy to cover legal costs if they have to take action against offenders. Make sure to record this fact by publishing a notice on the Web site of the company, which could deter potential offenders.
  1. b) Make the public know that the content is protected: most of people suppose that the material may be freely used Web sites, so users should be reminded that your company has certain IP rights
    It brands symbols the company is ®, TM, SM or equivalent symbols . It is also possible to use a copyright notice (the symbol ©, the word “Copyright” or the abbreviation “Copr.”, The name of the copyright holder and the year in which it was first published work ) to alert the public that the material is protected by copyright.
    • Another possibility about copyright is to use watermarks incorporating information in the digital content itself. For instant, you can create a watermark in a music file using pieces of music to encode certain knowledge concerning ownership. The digital watermark may appear manifestly such as copyright notices in the margin of the snaps and can be embedded in the document, so that it can detected normally in paper documents or be built and can be separated by knowing how and where to search. watermarks are suitable for easy tracking works on the Interne, a deterrent; invisible and give evidence in case of theft.
  • Date and time can also be used. It is a tag attached to a digital content that reveal what state the content was at one time. The date and time display is beneficial because otherwise it is easy to modify the content and timing of a digital document to be maintained by the operating system is concerned (e.g., date of creation and modification). It used a specialized technique for indicating date and time attesting to the data contained in the digital tag.
  1. c) Query the public know which type of benefit can be made of content : consider a warning on every page of the website revealing his company’s position regarding the use of the site. Thus users will know at least which use is allow (for example, can create links to the site, download and print material from the site and under which conditions), and contact to acquire the appropriate authorization.

d) Command entrance to the website as well as its use content of your company. It is use TPMs limiting entrance to works published on the website of your company is only for that users who agree to certain conditions use or they have paid for it. Normally the techniques listed below are used:
The accord include in website are used to permit the user content available through the site or a limited license to use the content of your trade website

• Substantially, sound recordings, audiovisual and computer programs use encryption to protect against unauthorized use. When special program is download by client or user by putting you in contact with a body of rights management to arrange payment, decrypts the file and assigns a single “key”, for instance a pass code to listen or see the content.