Facebook Ads Guideline Free Download

Facebook Ads Guideline

For Improving your advertising on Facebook is something that takes time and patience.Facebook, marketing is about relationships, not immediate buy and sales, so first set your budgets and advertising plans with that in your mind. Facebook advertising is still a relatively new offering and marketers are just beginning to understand how to use these advertisements most effectively. You can learn that what to look for and how to adjust to continuously drive get awesome results from your Facebook ads campaign. Running high performing ads on Facebook is basically a great art and you are near to learn this art. In these days if you have any business and you want to get profit from your business first step is grow you audience for increasing your earning. For this purpose you introduce your business in new way and attach more customer with your business. So Facebook pay important role to grow your business. Growing your business on Facebook is little bit tough but after reading the PDF files and watching the video you can easily do that and these videos and PDF files will help you to “Write Awesome Ads” it means that you can learn how to write world-class ads for your business campaign. And you can also learn that what to look for and how to adjust to continuously drive and get awesome results from your business campaign. You can easily download complete Facebook ads guideline about Facebook advertising from blow link.

  1. Recommended image size for ad: 1,200 x 628 pixels.
  2. Image ratio in your ad: 1.9:1.
  3. Text in your ad : 90 characters.
  4. Headline of your ad: 25 characters.
  5. Link description of your ad : 30 characters.
  6. Your image should include less text. See how the amount of text in your ad image will impact the reach of your ad.

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