Tell the contrast of the having your own website and make a free website

Here are some choices for making the websites.

1)      First is using the main services which are provided.

2)      There are also web pages available on the internet which is free of cost.

For the understanding you just have to search on Google that how we can make a website free of cost and must look for the variations of the choices through which you can easily start to make your online presence.

There is a fact that many of the people cannot understand the difference of the own website and free website and don’t know that how many benefits of having own website and free website before the give your precious time and in the end which converts in to loss.

What are web pages?

A web page is a type of document which is applicable for the world wide web or for the web browser.

A web browser acts a web page on a monitor or the screen of mobile. The web pages commonly give us hypertext which carries a navigation bar to another web page through hyperlinks.

There are two types of web pages.

  • Static web pages
  • Dynamic web pages


This type of pages is conveyed as it is saved.


This type of page is accomplished by an application of web which is run by the side of server.

Advantages of free web pages:

Any student who want to just take an experience the internet instead of a specific purpose having just guests and provide those free services of product with have a free website can give you the advantages which are mentioned below.

  • You don’t have the need of paying any amount like fees. You can easily upload anything on your website which you want to upload.
  • This type of website hosting sites is common. People who are learning or searching for the new thing yet so this is very good for them.
  • As we all known that time is very precious. This site will not take money like many other paid website companies so you do not have require thinking that you are wasting your money. It will be taking enough time from you for the learning.
  • There is zero cost for the starting.
  • You can better understand the portion of a website like header, content, navigation menu, sidebar, main page or homepage, etc.

Disadvantages of free web pages:

  • There is a con of free website hosting that you can only use the specific capacity. The accounts of free web commonly do not give the exact storage or bandwidth for the most businesses. There is also not the enough room for a large website site with many colorful graphics, some video and multiple pages. As you can say that there is limited capacity.
  • There is another problem is that along with your name of website, a free site has also their name in the address.
  • There is also need of website designs so you must use their website designs and system and you can’t upload the other famous website products like Word press into the free site.
  • There is an invisible page for search engines.
  • There will be bad impact on the business, product or service to use a free service.
  • There is no unwanted third party advertising on your site
  • You cannot give your own email accounts on your site

Advantages of your own website:
1. You don’t have need of any permit. You are absolutely free to modify your site related to the field, name of website and data.

  1. You can easily remember all the things which you make in your business yourself.
  2. You don’t have to need of extra ordinary professional looking without the advertisements of other party.
  3. You can increase the features of your website without paying any more money to anyone.
    5. Your ad of website will be online permanently with the passage of time.

6. You already have the support of technician from the hosting company or may be from the web browser.
7. You have at the better ranking of search engine.

Disadvantages of your own website:

  • The computer’s hardware and software cost related to purchasing and maintaining will be costly.
  • For the stability and the connection of internet with fast speed will be very costly.
  • You must have a large level of technical knowledge.
  • You are defined to the software and hardware options which are offered by the hosting service. There is a monthly fees which are depends on how many clients are visit your website.


Finally at last we note that there are many companies which are providing the free making websites.