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Hostgator Reviews

HostGator is in all over the World’s Leading Webhosting and facilitating results supplier.  HostGstor established in 2002 by Mr. Brent Oxley, through the years has over 12,100 servers and in excess of 8 Million area names enrolled indulging more than 400,000 clients worldwide hostgator reviews. furnishes affiliate facilitating results, VPS Hosting Solutions and committed servers Solution, Application facilitating, Windows Hosting and Domain enrollments. The results might be estimated intensely to apprentice’s or to expert levels, hence, giving a wide-customer necessities. has figured out how to assemble basic praise and customer trust-value throughout the years through its. HostGator recently launched their new, premium hosting called HostGator WordPress Cloud.

1. Uptime? Very Good – 99.99%

A website’s only useful if it’s up-and-running, stable and consistent.

Luckily, HostGator was able to hit 99.99% uptime (.20% better than industry average) over the past year.

When we first connected our website to HostGator, their up times were horrible, but they have been improving ever since.


  • Up-time Average October: 99.98%
  • Up-time Average November: 100%
  • Up-time Average December: 100%


  • Up-time Average January: 100%
  • Up-time Average February: 99.98%
  • Up-time Average March: 99.98%
  • Up-time Average April: 99.99%
  • Up-time Average: 99.99%
  • Up-time Average June: 100%
  • Up-time Average July: 100%
  • Up-time Average August: 99.98%
  • Up-time Average September: 100%

24/7 Support, quick ticket framework, and decently oversaw charging framework .

Recompenses AND ACCLAIM has won no less than 4 recompenses in 2012 for its facilitating administrations, its is stacked up in 100 bst web facilitating companies of the world by really popular website

Different recompenses incorporate :

•’s #1 Host for Bloggers

• wordpress Hosting Review’s 2012 Best Host

• joomla Hosting Review’s 2012 Best Host

These recompenses unite the extraordinary administration quality, this company is putting forth.

Lets shed some light on probably the most desired result gave by :