How to Earn Money Online Without Investment

how to earn money online from YouTube video having affiliate link in description without having a website.?

There are 3 affiliate websites which were referred

Worrior plus
Click Bank
*Jvzoo account you can easily approve hojata hai and click bank UK k address sey easily approve hojata hai no pin etc


Required Plugins or Tools Needed

YouTube SEO checklist
Tube rank jeet
optimization alpha


Make a niche related channel but only for one niche.

Process of Doing Work

Apney affiliate account sey login ho k niche related products search krein.
Find a good product.
Copy its video URL
Paste the url in new tab and after www write “tosave”
Download the video
Upload it on your channel
If you are facing any issue related to copyright then edit the video in introduction or add your own intro.
Don’t monetize the channel
You have to add your affiliate link in the description
How to search tags and write description?
First of all when you download youtube seo checklist it will tell you what to do follow its steps.
Tags: Search in google the product name or related with *
For example: 2 week diet*
Now use the keywords in tags.
Again search it without * and use the first keyword which displays as your title and main keyword.
Pick up the related keywords as well and use it in tags and meta description.
Write the author name of the product in the title. Meta description and tags.
Make your affiliate link shorter through Google shortner or 301 your domain and use it directly in the description like to get this product visit….
Write product description 300 words you can copy paste the products original description.
You can also use website address in descp and tags for better performance.
Upload the video
Upload 15 to 20 products videos and see the result after a week.

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