Play pubg game online without downloading on android

First Method :

First Method To Play pubg game online without downloading on android. You can play it on console. Or if you are on PC. If you are not on Windows PC platform, then there is one alternative. And this is called Nvidia GeForce now. This is an application you download then you don’t need to download any game. Just download the application, sign in to your Nvidia account. If you don’t have an account then just make one and play the games listed on the application PUBG will be there for sure. So basically what this is. It is a streaming service that streams games from an online network. The speed and quality of the games will be depends on how fast and reliable you’re internet is though. But it’s does not require downloading. And that’s just about it. It’s simple, but there is one or two huge downside of this.

  1. You have to sign up for this program because it’s only in beta right now.
  2. Downside: Once you sign up, it will for sure take you more than half a year Or more for Nvidia to finally accept your request to join this beta program.

So, if you can wait a very long time to play games without downloading them for free, then you can use second method.

Second Method:

Follow these steps .

  1. Go to your steam program on pc
  2. Click on steam
  3. Click on backup and restore games
  4. Now select ‘restore previous backup’ option
  5. Now browse for folder where your freind has send backup( in pendrive ).select the folder.
  6. And click on next
  7. And its all. u can install pubg pc without downloading it on internet .
  8. But one important thing it must be in your steam buyed games . means u will have to buy it for money then u can install without downloading .