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You are welcome by heart for the video courses online of web designing. We already have offered this type of course many times in decent wording and easy Urdu language at your wish which helps you to take interest and understand easily.

What is web designing?

Web designing means the way to design your website easily. If you have a connection of internet so you can look website on your browser anywhere in the world.

It is very excited and its fashion is going upward day by day. It is stated that each and every business will drive on the web in the modern period. That’s why every person should know about this. It is very important for people. Now start with the name of Allah who is the most merciful and the most beneficial.

This course is related to the web designing in HTML, CSS and JQuery. In this we use a tool of web designing which is known as Dreamweaver.

We will also help you that how you can make a blog or a website on the WordPress. As well as the methods how to earn by using the website will also be discussed with you. There are 30 numbers of lectures in this course and this course is only for the period of one month.

You have to watch one video daily and learn web designing bit by bit.

Finally in the end of this course you will be ready to design a complete website and earn by it. If you will practice daily that what you learn so you will feel it easy and your interest will increase day by day.
This course has no fees and it can be used by everyone. There is no restriction. In the last, you will get a certificate of this video courses online.

There is a minimum amount for the certificate which will be pay by you. You will easily get the diploma in the limited period of one month only. There is also the facility for you that video lectures have been uploaded at dailymotion but not at YouTube. Now you don’t have any problem to watch it like issues n downloading and buffering etc.

The course will begin from the basics of web designing and then will go you to more concepts bit-by-bit. If you are not a programmer or a web developer so you do not need to worry about that. We are using Dreamweaver in which we can design with the built-in features and there is no hard and fast rule or involvement of code. After all you will be ready to learn the code which are written at the back and understand that how to modify the code if needed.
HTML stands for hypertext transfer protocol. It is usually used to develop static websites and CSS stands for cascading style sheet to arrange the text, font, color and images, etc.

There is a decent designing and no database attachment as we need in other computer languages like PHP, Dot Net, etc.
It is hardly the destination of this course which you understand how to design a website. It is uniformly important that you know about the methods and techniques of earning money online with the help of your website. It will be the best source of income for you but the condition is that you must follow the approaches which are discussed in this video courses online.

It will expand your visions. Your concepts will be clear and it will make you have a side-business with a small venture.

We hope that you will surely enjoy this way of teaching and if you want so drop your suggestions.

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