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This guide is for those who have day-to-day responsibility for website data protection.

Who is the owner of your companies IP rights on the Web site?

Usually different person owned the element of website data protection. For instant company own the right to seamanship software but other may be copyright of snaps, text and illustration. Various people be the holder on site design of copy right. It is not obligatory to hold IP right on all component of website, it is essential to know about what is own and how to use it.

If your company hires someone to create your website, in whom vested the ownership of copyright?

When it comes to small trades the things can change. If the employee create the company website data protection in course of their duties, in many countries the employee own the copyright on the site, unless agree with the employee and then things changes.

Content of your website or creating the design external contractors, most companies will charge and suppose they are the holders of existing IP rights and he paid for the performance of work on the site.  Your company takes more shock in that estimate but however it may not be so. Normally the holders of IP rights are independent contractors (unlike employees of the company)  but your company has paid for them, written contract has specified.

Its mean that in practical work  normally the owner of copyright and other IP rights created the site are the independent creator of websites, as well as the component and design that are part of letter(for example, colors, graphics file formats “jpg” and “jpeg”, configuration, hyperlinks and text encoding). To use your own website, if a valid written agreement in which those rights are transferred is not set then it is possible that your company only end enjoying a nonexclusive license. Example: independent website designer is created by your company. Any agreement assigning rights to your business is not signed, so the copyright belongs to the designer (under national law). After a year company wants to update the website and in presentation they also makes changes. Under many copyright laws, from the designer of the site you must obtain permission and may be required to pay extra fees to make major changes to the site.
TIP: It is desirable to sign a written agreement with the creator of the Web site that clearly specifies the holder of IP rights in each of the site component.

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