What is ASP? Make a Website in ASP

Suppose you have read the applications initiation of Internet which can be defined as ASP. ASP stands for Active Server Pages. There is the way to write applications of internet and that which is written to the IDC which is running on server. The wonder you so much. IDC has minimize the instruction, that is the difference: making a simple decision yes / no and little else but programmer ASP give all the wealth of many scripting languages:

Basic Visual Script that is the another way of strong Basic Visual, JavaScript, Perl and others, mixed in even in same program. On the IIS, load the motor command and configure it properly as a result the features added to IIS along with mixture of languages is generically known as ASP but you can see that it is not  And the HTML is also present.

A real language, only you build one or more program languages (in script) along with the HTML version, it remain crucial because it is only for those who understand browsers.

Operating system is the equivalent of ASP JSP or PHP for machines with UNIX or LINUX there are Windows versions but they are not native. Static content to write pages makes little sense to use ASP which can be done. when we need to build complex applications,
the real value is discovered such as dialogue with a database in this work ASP capable of solving almost anything we may need quickly and easily (as far as this is possible) and chose the most better language. For example we can past and present in a table row by row, paging groups of records in a query, filter data in a form, read and write read in external files to the DB, floating point with numerical calculation, manipulate strings. We just need simple text editor like notepad to write ASP page but this time it would be adventurous to have more advance editor that provides line numbering, since the debugger (Debug program) issues its ASP error messages indicating the program in a line number where the failure occurs. ASP page is an repository text that contains the scripting language of choice, along with HTML needed and save with extension. the output will always be through the browser that invokes it, automatically handles debug and run it as they do with any program when called by the browser, IIS ASP engine. The script language is VBScript by default IIS but it can changed. So far the thing does not seem very cumbersome and for using every new command that everything will be limited because have not talked about what really gives power to the language scripts we use either VBScript or JavaScript: the objects and components of ASP. Certainly VBScript or JavaScript without intrinsic functions that allow them to access data, but they have the objectives of ASP and components for this purpose and this they begin scheduling difficulties. The use of objects is rather more cumbersome, it is no longer of any use a command and collect the result and you are speculate about what will that of “objects” and “components”. An entire book would require to define the object, so we will just consider them as some elements that can be drawn from ASP and to write a lot of code it saves us for example connect to a database, or read any file. What objects we can have and what they do, here we know it. But ASP does not work only with objects we have all the commands of VBScript, JScript, or Perl that will give permit to us to use and control data in myriad ways, (always on the server, remember). But we see that is a simple ASP page before using these pages.

If “ASP.NET Web Site”, is not already selected then you need to choose earlier. After that you can also give name to your new site. This will be completed by entering a name in the Location box. This text box is already filled for you like “Website1” last part being something. “. You can select this and also choose the location of the project, or there is the one another option that you can enter a new one “My Websites“, I have created this folder and in this folder, I would like to create the new project with the name of “First Website“. This is less important now but later on you might wish to gather all your projects in a specific folder.

This tutorial will focus on the C# language. No need to require any knowledge once again, if you already know another. From net language you will get to learn some C# with this tutorial as well. Select C# in the dropdown option for the chose the language. Then,click the Ok button for the making of the website. Virtual simulator will create a very basic website for you who consist of only an aspx file of Default and an app data folder. Just accept the fact for now that they are there, I will explain it later. We will only use the Default.aspx for this first example. For the obligatory “Hello, world!” example, move on to the next chapter.