What is HTML? And how we can make website in HTML?

HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is the language in which web pages are defined. Mostly it is a prescribed of tags which is used to characterize text and other matter that create a website.
HTML was basically build for commercial reasons of information with text and some images.

Not think to be reformed which is used to make convenient field and appointment with interactive media set which is now the web so that the HTML was built after solving all expedient uses which would allow him and all sets of people who would use it in the future. Anyhow, against this destitute devising, if those adjustments have been integrated extra, these are the extra HTML.

There are many rules have now been acknowledged. HTML 4.01 is the current rules in February 2001. Modify to May 2005 at the point is fixing to appear HTML version 5 which now has a nominal outline.

HTML is a markup language component for making hypertext documents which are easy to learn and which permits anyone or even those who are not programmed in life that has to seeming the work of making a web.

HTML is easy language and it can be the head of the languages. After receive professional results with our design competence and our bent artist, more than that interacting other languages to explain the actual template that must be submitted websites as CSS.
Once we know the concept of HTML you’ll be leading many more. This language is written in a text document that’s why we need a text editor to write a web page. Hence, the file is where the HTML content is a text filed having a twist which has extension of Html or. Htm which is impartial to use.

So when we program in HTML, we will do with a text editor, which can be easy as possible and we will keep doing our jobs.

Html extension, for example mypage.html
By increasing a small how the HTML is used?

We can say that the language consists of tags that have this form or <P> <B>. Each label means one thing, for example <B> means you type in bold or <P> means a paragraph, <A> is a link, etc.

Even all tags have a reciprocal closing tag which is indicating that from that point should not affect the label.

For example: </ B> is used to indicate stop typing in bold. So the HTML is no more than a series of labels that are used to define the contents of the document and some basic style. <B> This is bold </ B>.
For the sake of understanding the HTML in a high level you have a manual in DesarrolloWeb.com and you can also find the links too many manuals which are we have on our search engine in the HTML section.
If we want to have a complete idea of what is published on the Internet and the steps to place our web pages in the most convenient manner so you have to contact the manual online Post.