What is PHP? And how we can make website in PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. As we know that PHP is a language and it is very famous open source which is relevant for development of web and it can be installed into HTML (hypertext markup language). It is famous because a huge amount of web pages and portals will be created with PHP.

Open Source means that it is free and free for all programmers who want to use it. Installed in HTML means that according to rules, the same file will be able to combine PHP with HTML code.

PHP is used to develop dynamic web pages. First remember to call static page that the elements remain always the same, as we call those dynamic pages whose element is not always the same.

Let us illustrate from example, elements may change which depends on the changes you have do in a database search or user input etc.

How does PHP?

The PHP language is run on the servers which are powerful computers along with some special software and hardware. When an address is written like http://www.aprenderaprogramar.com/index.php type in a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome so what happens?

Data send request to the server that handled the data and sent together that’s why we say it is a dynamic process and the server is returning an HTML page as if it were static.

The method is:

Request web page to the server -> The server receives the request from client and gathers the important information to interrogate the databases or other web sites from other worlds, etc. -> The server acknowledged by sending a “normal” web page which is static but whose creation has been dynamic and making processes so that the returned web page is not always the same.
What set apart PHP from other things like client-side?

JavaScript is that type of code which is run on the server and making the HTML and sending it to the client. The client will get the output of running the script but the underlying code that was not known. The server of web can be constructed to process all your HTML files with PHP so there is no method that users can tell what you have up your sleeve.
The best thing about using PHP is that it is very simple for a newcomer but in order offers many advanced features for a professional programmer. Do not need to be afraid. Just reading the long list of qualities of PHP. We hope that you can begin writing simple scripts within a few hours.